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Club meetings are held at the field on the second Saturday of every month at 1:00PM

September Meeting 09/09/2017

Meeting was called to order by President Gene Maurice at 1:15PM on September 9, 2017. There were 5 members present:
Gene Maurice
Larry Luke
Pete Oparnica
Gary Riddle
Mark Hopkins

The minutes of the previous meeting as published on the club website was accepted and approved.
Treasurer’s report was not available at the time of the meeting but it was stated that there was no activity in the month of August. The subsequently prepared report is as follows:

Old Business
It was proposed that the equipment shed be moved from its current location behind the far hangar to alongside the hangar behind the flight line. The property owner has agreed to this move. This is being delayed pending the outcome of the possibility of creating a second runway which was discussed later in the meeting.

New Business
Ron Adams’ parents in Nashville, TN experienced a devastating fire at their home which resulted in a total loss of the property. In addition, Ron’s father was severly injured in the fire and required surgery last Friday for 3rd and 4th degree burns. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ron and his family.

Mark Hopkins reported that the Big Sky R/C Club in Menlo, GA. (NW of Rome) has experienced an issue similar to GMA’s issue of losing the field due to neighbor complaints. They hope to have solved the problem by reversing the direction of overflight to avoid the offended neighbor.

Peter stated that that there is a possibility that the property owner, Dr. Atwell, may allow us to create a second runway that would run NE to SW from the end of the current runway to somewhere near the eastern end of the full scale runway. This action will require further detailed investigation before any proposal can be made to the membership.

Three members of the Georgia Model Aviators (GMA), Chris Meeks, Chris Kennedy, and John Singer, joined us at the field for some flying and conversation on how we might pursue attracting some of their members to join Taildraggers due to the loss of the GMA field. We had some great discussions and left the next step to be planning an Open House/ Fly-In Event to showcase what we may have to offer these folks. They will pursue this with their membership and get back to us soon.    

The Meeting was adjourned at 2:00PM
Gene Maurice

August Meeting 08/12/2017

Members Present:
Gene Maurice
Pete Oparnica
Harvey Burns
Garry Riddle
Quick meeting this month.
Club decided against purchase of weed eater. Will use weed killer for the time being.
Still some interest from GMA members joining. A meeting was to take place at the club August 19th with
GMA members.
Pete was to discuss moving the mower shed closer to the airstrip. Review was needed with owner.
Bob Brogdon , AMA District 5 VP, visited, considering to become member.
Thanks to Pete and members for keeping the field mowed. Been looking good.
See attached Treasurer's report.
Next meeting September 9th at 1:00pm

July Meeting 07/08/2017

Members in attendance:
    Gary Riddle
    Peter Oparnica
    Gene Maurice
   1. Minutes from last meeting are published and accepted.
   2. Treasures report- No new activity to report. Balance $3647.08
   3. Old Business
      a. Boys and girls club day- Tabled until there is more information.
      b. Clean Up Day - Peter commented that the current condition of the canopy was unacceptable and needed
    4. New Business
      a. Peter has been approached by 2 new prospective members. He has offered both people an invitation to visit the field.
      b. Georgia Model Aviators in Ball Ground has lost its field as of the end of 2017. +200 members will need a place to fly. Gene will reach out to the GMA clubs officers.
      c. Peter suggested adding another canopy or building to store mowers and other club property. Tabled until more information on what the costs will be.
      d. Peter suggested a clean up day next Saturday July 15th.
     Notes taken by: Terry Wallace


June Meeting 06/10/2017

Taildraggers R/C Club meeting

Members Present:
Harvey Burnes
Larry Luke
Ron Adams
Pete Oparnica
Garry Riddle

Pete led meeting.

Notes. Mower was fixed, no deck purchased at this timing.

Pete donated his MTD mower , so the club now has 2 running mowers.

Pete offered up an idea of holding an event for the Boys and Girls club. More discussion is needed to understand if we have enough club members who would show up to help volunteer and what the actual content of the event would be. If you have interest to support, please email Pete to let him know you would support and volunteer.

Also, more discussion is needed to consider a contract with Tru Green to keep the weeds out of the runway.

It was suggested the club have a clean-up day, a date needs to be determined.

Meeting was adjorned.
Current Balance: 3647.08 as presented by Pete
Monthly expenses 224.82
174.82 on mower work
Remainder on gas. Pete states now, there is currently at 55 credit at JoJo’s now if someone needs to get gas for mower.

Ron Adams, Secratery

May Meeting 05/13/2017

The Taildraggers R/C Club monthly meeting scheduled for Saturday, May 13, 2017, has been cancelled because a number of the club officers have other commitments. In lieu of the meeting I want to pass along the following information.
The additional sod we were planning on laying is not going to happen. Here’s Peter description of what transpired:

From: peter oparnica 111 []
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 8:42 AM
To: Gene Maurice; gary hammett; ADAMS Ron (Ron Adams)
Subject: new sod

In preparation for the new sod, the area to be covered was prepped and ready.
Approxamately 4 days before it was to be delivered, Gary Hammett told me the water was turned off.
I drove back out to the field to test this, but at the same time I texted Dr. Atwell to see if he knew there was no water.
He informed me that they shut it off thinking there was a leak, and his electric bill was five times what it usually is.

I told him it was probably our fault for watering the new sod for 6 weeks.
Not thinking that to have the water on would require his giant pump to run continuously!
The pump brings water from the river, and no one thought about it costing anything.
In addition we were running a one horse pump to build up pressure.

I offered to pay for the electricity, but he would not give me an estimate.

He was out of town at the time, and said we should "hold up on the new sod".
I told him that I would cancel the order, and for him to call when he got back.
At that time I promised him no new sod.

I never heard back from him, but had an appointment with him yesterday.
He was in a very good mood, and I showed him a picture of my new plane and I, at the field the day before.
We joked, and got back to my patient problems, and nothing was mentioned about the incident.


Lay new sod if you wish, but there is no water.

After many meeting with him through the years, I have determined that he does'nt want anything in his life changed!
If you have any questions concerning this matter please direct them to Peter Oparnica. 
Here’s the Treasure’s Report for the month:

If you have any other questions please let me know.
Gene Maurice


April Meeting 04/08/2017

Meeting was called to order by President Gene Maurice at 1:30PM on April 8, 2017. There were 7 members present:
Gene Maurice
Larry Luke
Gary Liepold
Gavyn Liepold
Pete Oparnica
Gary Hammett
Gary Riddle

The minutes of the previous meeting as published on the club website was accepted and approved.
Pete Oparnica presented the treasurers report as follows:

The balance in the club’s checking account is $4,943.33. The report was accepted and approved.
Old Business
At the last meeting there was a tentative schedule to lay the new sod on April 1st. This did not occur because of a delay in getting the ground prepared for the new sod, specifically killing off the weeds in the area where the sod is to be laid.
There has been no activity on the proposal to hold a Fun-Fly sometime in May to showcase the field and runway facilities.
Pete Oparnica and Harvey Burnes had volunteered to erect the club sign at the entrance to the field on Hardin Bridge Rd. This was completed on Sunday. Many thanks to Pete and Harvey.
The reel mower equipment was assembled on Saturday and put to use for the first time on Sunday with great success.
(After the meeting) Pete let me know that he and Gary Hammett are still reviewing options and cost of and automated power gate operator and will present a proposal when complete.
New Business
Because of the delay in laying the sod Gene Maurice presented a proposal to the Board to increase the funds authorized to pay contract labor to lay the sod from $500.00 to $850.00. The reason being that getting a commitment to help with this from the membership, with an unknown schedule, would be very difficult. The Board approved this proposal. A motion was made to get membership approval for this expenditure, it was seconded and approved. This will allow the sod to me laid without club volunteers.

There was a discussion concerning re-erecting the wind sock/streamer and ground level plane retention posts as had been in place at the old field. Gary Hammett stated that he would take this task on.

Peter stated that we needed to have any and all maintenance to the mower done as soon as possible for the season. This included new air filter, blades, belts, etc. Harvey and Peter stated that they though this could be accomplished for around $100.00. Harvey agreed to pick up the mower with his trailer and get this work done next week.

Peter proposed creating a club position of “Field Manager” and we are looking for a volunteer to fill this position. Per Peter the job description is:
Person who is in charge of seeing that all field maintenance and repairs are cared for. He may appoint people to do these things, but in the end is responsible for all getting done;
Painting, Installing, Cutting, Trimming, Assembling, Mower Repairs, and maintenance
Gene made a suggestion that we look into moving the “green” shed and the Port-a-John closer to the pit area. Peter said he would bring this matter up with the property owner  the next time he sees him.   
The Meeting was adjourned at 2:00PM
Gene Maurice

Taildraggers R/C Club Meeting Minutes March 11, 2017

Members Attending:
Gary Riddle, Peter Oparnica, Gene Maurice, Ron Adams, Zack Stephney, Mark Hopkins

Meeting was called to order. The first order of new business was to accept the minutes from the previous meeting. Accepted.

It was noted that an anonymous gift was made to the club, a member donated a pull behind reel mower to help cut the newly laid sod.

Also, Kenny Freeman donated extra $50 to club funds.

Peter reported that the club sign being installed at the road entrance was still a work in progress.

Gene reported that 9 members had replied to the club election, and the result were all in favor of option 1.

2017 Club Officers are:
Gene Maurice- President
Gary Hammett- Vice President
Ron Adams - Secretary
Peter Oparnica- Treasurer
Larry Luke- Field Safety Officer

Club membership was to be paid by March 15th. Please get your membership paid if you had not done so by last week.

Additional sod work:
As per funds donated there were designated to additional sod. April 1st will be the target date to lay sod. Peter is in charge purchase of sod and delivery to the field. Since an additional $1000 was donated specifically for additional purchase of sod, it was decided by attending members to spend $500 in club funds to support the labor to lay sod. So  Peter may use $500 in club funds to support the laying of the sod.We asked for volunteers previously and only 4 people showed up. So if possible we would like to get all club members to help lay SOD on April Saturday April 1st in additional to using club funds for labor to support. We would like every member to see what we are trying to do to make the field better. The runway will be extended to the entrance road additional SOD left over will be used to widen the runway. We will also need volunteers to support coming out and turning on the water to water the SOD until it takes hold.

Peter was to research about getting the Port-a-John cleaned and ready for the upcoming season. Update at next meeting.

Ron Adams suggested to hold a fun-fly event later in May, possibly June to support getting people in the community aware of the field and attracting new members. If you have interest in supporting this, please contact me.

In closing the club needs members to help with the following items:

  1. Come out to the field April 1st support the laying of SOD, see what is happening.
  2. Volunteers to come out and turn on the sprinklers.
  3. General membership drive to get the community aware- support of fun-fly event.

You may contact Gene, Peter, or myself via email to support any of these items.

Ron -

Next Club meeting will be Saturday, April 8th at 1:00 pm

Club Financial Report thru Feb. 28, 2017

Financial Statement


February Meeting 02/11/2017

Meeting was called to order by President Gene Maurice at 1:20PM on February 11, 2017. There were 8 members present:
Gene Maurice
Larry Luke
Ron Adams
Terry Wallace
Harvey Burnes
Gary Liepold
Gavyn Liepold
Pete Oparnica

The minutes of the previous meeting as emailed to the membership was accepted and approved.

Pete Oparnica presented the treasurers report as follows:
Feb Treas Rpt
The balance in the club’s checking account is $3243.33. The report was accepted and approved.

Old Business
Gene Maurice reported that the club’s web site has been moved to be the active web space. Work is still progressing on the Photo Album component of the web site.

Pete Oparnica and Harvey Burnes had volunteered to erect the club sign at the entrance to the field on Hardin Bridge Rd. Due to weather and other commitments this has not been completed. They expect to have it done in a couple of weeks.

Ron Adams has produced a flyer advertising the club and posted it at the HobbyTown in Kennesaw. This should generate some interest to folks that are just starting in RC.

Ron Adams presented his personal donation of $1000.00 to cover the cost of installing additional sod equal to what has already been laid. This means the current strip will be extended to the west up to the road, widened by a few feet and whatever grass remains will be used to lengthen the runway to the east. Again, a huge thanks to Ron Adams for his generosity and dedication to the club. Every time you take off and land think of Ron!!!

The investigation into the purchase of reel type mower equipment is in progress. Pete Oparnica, Mike Bond, Harvey Burnes, and Gary Hammett are researching alternatives. Ron Adams presented a reasonable priced self-propelled option that will be thrown into the mix of options. Gene Maurice requested that in addition to the reel mower option, we include a cost estimate to do the maintenance require to the current tractor to make certain that it can remain operable for the coming year. This proposal will be presented to the board and then upon approval to the membership.

New Business
The floor was opened to the membership to accept nominations for officers for the new club year. The following nominations were motioned, seconded, and approved by the members:
Gene Maurice, President
Gary Hammett, Vice-President
Ron Adams, Secretary
Pete Oparnica, Treasurer
Larry Luke, Field Safety Officer

Ron Adams suggested changing the combination on the lock at the entrance gate and only issue that new combination to current members as a security measure. It was noted that the lock and combination were installed by the property owner and utilized by people other than club members to access the property. Pete stated that he has talked with the property owner about installing a solar powered automated gate opener with keypad access. Pete will investigate this and present a proposal to the Board and Membership.
The Meeting was adjourned at 2:00PM
Gene Maurice

January Meeting 01/14/2017

Meeting was called to order by President Gene Maurice at 1:15PM on January 14, 2017. There were 10 members present:
Gene Maurice
Larry Luke
Rom Adams
Terry Wallace
Harvey Burnes
Garry Riddle
Gary Liepold
Gavyn Liepold
Pete Oparnica
Mike Bond

The minutes of the previous meeting as emailed to the membership were acceptance and approved.
Pete Oparnica presented the treasurers report which show no deposit or withdrawal transaction during the preceding month. The balance in the club’s checking account is $3193.33. The report was accepted and approved.

Gene Maurice reported that the club’s web site has been rewritten and is ready to be published to replace the existing site. Right now, the new site is accessible by clicking a link on the main page of the current home page. When the publishing process is complete there will be a reference to the old data and it will be retained as long as folks are accessing it.

Pete Oparnica suggested that the club signage that was at the entrance to the old field be erected at the entrance of the new field. Pete Oparnica and Harvey Burnes volunteered to complete this task. Pete also proposed that we produce a flyer that can be placed the local hobby shop to promote the club. Ron Adams volunteered to take on this task.

Ron Adams has graciously offered to donate an amount to cover the cost of installing additional sod equal top what has already been laid. This means the current strip will be extended to the west up to the road, widened by a few feet and whatever grass remains will be used to lengthen the runway to the east. A huge thanks to Ron Adams for his generosity and dedication to the club.

Pete Oparnica and Mike Bond discuss that the very thin bladed nature of the sod that is being utilized on the runway is best maintained with a reel type mower. They have volunteered to investigate the availability of towable equipment that could be used behind the existing mower, They will prepare a proposal to be presented to the board and then to the membership upon board review.

The Meeting was adjourned at 1:50PM

I would like to welcome two new members, Terry Wallace and Harvey Burnes who joined prior to the meeting and are welcome additions to the club roster.

Also, the weather on Saturday was BEAUTIFUL and almost everyone present had an opportunity to fly. It was the best turnout of fliers I’ve seen in a long time. I certainly hope that this an indicator of the participation we will see as the year goes on. Thanks to everyone for coming out.

Gene Maurice

December Meeting 12/10/2016

The Taildraggers R/C Club monthly meeting scheduled for this coming Saturday, December 10, 2016 has been cancelled due to inclement weather. The forecasted low Friday night / Saturday morning was 24 degrees with the high Saturday of only 45. Though we are all brave souls, that’s a bit chilly, even for this former Yankee.

The “Target Strip” of newly sodded runway is coming along nicely. Many, many thanks to Pete Oparnica and the Gary’s, Hammett and Riddle for the care and watering of the newly laid sod until the recent much needed rain. The grass is pretty dormant of now and should be good until warmer weather in the spring.

Per Pete, the only Treasury activity in the past month is a deposit of $100 for 2017 dues received from Gary Riddle. The current bank balance is $3,193.33. Any question regarding this should be directed to Pete Oparnica.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Gene Maurice

November Meeting 11/12/2016

Eight members were in attendance, and one member came late, but was still a part of the meeting.

Members present were:
Zack Stephany
Gary Hammett
Mike Bond
Gary Riddle
Gavyn Liepold
Peter Oparnica
Ron Adams
Gary Liepold

Our President Gene Maurice was out of town, so the meeting was conducted by Our treasurer, Peter Oparnica.

The Treasury was announced at being $3162.80.
The indebtedness, or outstanding bills will be less than $100.

Gary Riddle paid his 2017 dues today, so that income will be up $100 as of this time. 

Today's topic was "Unity" A small speech was given by Peter Oparnica, apologizing for some squabbles from earlier in the year.
Peter called for unity, and forgiveness, so that we may get back to what we are:
A brotherhood of model airplane fliers!

I would have to say that everyone was extremely pleased with the progress on the runway project.
Looking great would be an understatement.

The "target strip" which is what we now call the center of the graded area is fantastic

There  is a problem with getting water pressure to sprinkle the entire runway, so we are going to wait for spring to proceed further
Gary, and I installed a pump to increase water pressure, and it seems to be working well for now on the "Target Strip"
At this point we will concentrate on the "target Strip", and will finish up next spring.

Incidentally this sod is very thin blade, and will be cut to 1/2 inch height!

Ron Adams was so impressed with what we have done so far, he will be ready to donate more for the runway again next spring.
Looks like the "Target Strip is getting bigger!
GO RON!!!!!

We will have the only grass runway that I know of, that will be good to go for extremely small electrics, to mammoth scale!

We are still looking for volunteers to go to the field one day a week, and water the grass, for six weeks.
Gary Riddle, and Gary Hammett have each volunteered one day each week.
If you would like to volunteer to babysit the grass once a week for six weeks call, and let me know.
Peter 770634 5787

Gavyn Liepold has volunteered to build a "house" for our new sprinkler pump.

We need volunteers to re-erect our sign.
We also need a computer guru to start us a new web site, as I can't seem to get a hold of Ken Wright, our presently absent guru.

This was a great meeting with truly dedicated modelers, and I hope it continues to grow.
Remember, these people came out, and we couldn't even fly because of the wind!

Lets see everybody next month!

Peter Oparnica  Treasurer

October Meeting 10/8/2016

The meeting scheduled for this Saturday has been cancelled because two of the officers are not available due to other personal commitments. If any member has a pressing issue they would like to raise please reply to me directly and I will make sure that it gets addressed.

Gene Maurice

September Meeting 09/10/2016

Club meeting was called to order by Vice President Gene Maurice at 1:10PM September 10, 2016 at the Taildraggers Club field in Euharlee, GA. Six members were present:
Gene Maurice
Ron Adams
Garry Hammett
Pete Oparnica
Larry Luke
Gary Riddle

Javier Ramirez has resigned as President of the Club. The remaining board members appointed Gene Maurice as President for the remainder of the term. Gary Hammett accepted the request to fill the Vice President position for the remainder of the term. The Board is still trying to fill the Secretary position 
The treasurer, Pete Oparnica, submitted the Club’s bank statements for review. The following is a summary of the activity from the opening of the new account thru August 31:
If there are any questions concerning the Treasurer’s report please contact Pete.

With the absence of a quorum, “not less than one third Members in Good Standing”, no old or new business was conducted.
The Board has decided to terminate the lawn cutting service for now because the drain on the Club’s cash by end of the grass growing season would be substantial. We are going to try to utilize the existing mower, after some repairs by Pete, for the remainder of the year. Pete and Gary will initially cut the field as often as needed. The grass will be mowed as low as the mower will allow. Ron Adams has brought out his personal push mower to cut as short as possible an area long enough to get his race plane off the ground. This seemed to work out very well and may be a viable solution for those flying small, light planes. We need some volunteers to help with this effort going forward.

It was discussed that early next year, after annual dues have been collected,  the financial situation should allow us to purchase a new mower.

The discussion then moved on to what could be done to improve the overall quality of the runway going forward. There were many ideas presented. It was concluded that the next steps should be to get some estimates for smoothing and re-seeding of the landing strip. Any member who knows someone in the commercial landscaping business should contact a board member.
The final discussion was on how to get better participation at the field and at meetings. Gary agreed to present a proposal to host some event at the field in hopes of drawing folks out.

I would like to ask everyone receiving these minutes, members and former members, to respond to me personally with a brief statement of why you are not using the field. If you are using it, let me know what you think we can do to draw folks out. All responses will be kept confidential.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:20PM.

Gene Maurice, President